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windshield repair

Windshield Repair 
Rock Chip or Crack


About Windshield Crack Repair

Repair it, Don't Replace Your Windshield
Most of our competitors like the one you see on tv are saying that if a crack in your windshield is more than a dollar bill it can't be fixed. This is not true; in fact, they have been sued for this deception. We have been repairing windshield cracks over 6 inches for many of our clients, saving them hundreds of dollars. To prevent rock chips from turning into cracks get them fixed by a trained professional as soon as possible. 


We can repair all types of cracks. The most common are:

1. The edge crack
2. Long crack
3. Floater crack

This edge crack is the most common crack. This is due to the manufacturing tension in the windshield around the two-inch perimeter. It will crack immediately, usually 8 - 12 inches, and continue if not fixed soon enough.
See the Edge Crack Repair Video

Types of Windshield Cracks

Edge crack

Edge crack windshield

The edge crack is the most common crack. This is due to the manufacturing tension in the windshield around the perimeter - it is a legal defect when a rock or pebble kicked up off the road and strikes the area around the two-inch perimeter it will crack instantly around 8 - 12 inches long. Get your edge crack repaired and save money.  Please do not use those DIY resin to fill in edge cracks, it will not work. You need a trained professional with proper tools and resin .

Floater crack

floater crack

The floater crack is another type of crack that can occur in a windshield. These are a result of a chip that was left unrepaired and eventually grows into a crack. They are usually found in the middle of the windshield and do not run to the edge. These are very time-consuming and exceedingly difficult to repair. Don't wait for rock chips to turn into this crack. Fix them asap. We have the tools and the expertise to get the job done. 

Some before and after crack repair

Rock chip repair

About Rock Chip Repair

Got a chip in your windshield from a rock or pebble striking your windshield? Clarke's Spotless Windshield Crack Repair can fix your chip or stone break in 30 minutes or less.

When we perform a windshield repair service on your vehicle it will restore the structural integrity of the windshield and improve the cosmetic appearance making it barely noticeable to the naked eye. Do not use DIY resin into star break as the water down resin will not fill the ends tips of the legs and it will not work. We have the proper tools and expertise to get the job done right and it is a lifetime guaranteed.

Windshield repairing by certified technician

Star Break Chip

Star Break

The star break windshield chip is one of the most common types of breaks. This type of break requires expert drilling and tapping of the windshield and proper tools to get the job done right the first time. Do not try to use a DIY kit in this break as it will not work. We have the proper tools and expertise to ensure that your windshield doesn't end up in a replacement shop. Call 718-533-6142 or Text 718-607-1165 for quick response.

Laminated Safety Glass Repair; Commercial, Residential & Autos
Chipin laminated safety glass
Glass technician working
Repairing a chip in laminated safety glass

Rock chip repair service: Commercial, Residential & Autos. Some of these glasses can cost up to $20,000 not including labor. We can repair your laminated safety glass just like a car windshield with great results. whether your building is a skyscraper we got the tools and expertise to get the job done. Give us a call for a free estimate. 718-533-6142. 

Before And After Rock Chip Repair
Our Windshield Chip Repair Sample Video
Anchor hrs

About Headlight Restoration

Yellowed headlight
Headlight restoration service

Are your headlights looking ugly? Don't let cloudy, hazy, discolored headlights drive you crazy. We can restore your headlights back to a like new condition. Don't buy new or get new glasses. We were the first to start restoring headlights until they tried to copy us. We have the right tools and expertise to get the job done right. Call us or request a quote online.


Rain drops windshield

Why Ceramic Coat My Glass?

1. Improves visibility

2. 100% hydrophobic

3. Water beading technology

4. Ultra slick

5. Helps repel water and rain

6. Keeps glass cleaner longer

7. May reduce rock chips

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