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 Windshield Edge Crack Repair

Got an edge crack in your windshield? Repair it instead and save the cost of expensive windshield replacement. The windshield edge crack is the most common crack. This is due to the manufacturing tension in the windshield around the perimeter - it is a legal defect when a rock or pebble strikes the area around the two-inch perimeter it will crack instantly around 8 - 12 inches long and if you wait longer before having it taken care of it will extend further. Get your edge crack repaired quickly and save money. Do not try to pour the resin into this crack using those DIY kits as this can ruin the windshield and prevent you from getting a professional repair. Once you poor that resin it's all over.  Services: Edge Crack Repair, Windshield Repair, Windshield Chip Repair, Rock Chip Repair and Headlight Restoration. Serving New York.

NOTICE: It is always best to fix small rock chips before they grow into long cracks if possible.


What are the benefits of windshield edge crack repair?

1. Prevent the damage from spreading

2. Avoid costly windshield replacement

3. Keep the original factory seal

4. Improve the cosmetic appearance by removing the dark air from the crack to thin hairline visibility. 

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