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Why you should choose windshield crack repair? This video explains why.

Updated: 12 hours ago

Because windshield replacement is known to compromise safety you should consider repairing your edge crack instead of replacing it. When you choose windshield repair over replacement the factory seal is not disturbed and all the original equipment will remain in place to keep you and your family safe. Before you replace your windshield get in touch with your local windshield repair-only business for a free assessment. #clarkesspotlesswindshieldcrackrepair #windshieldcrackrepair #autoglassrepair #mobilewindshieldrepair #windshieldsafety #windshieldrepair #autoglassrepair #savemoney #warning #nyc #eastelmhurst #queensny #flushingny #newyork

Don't replace edge cracks as a qualified technician can fix it.
Edge crack repair

The result of an edge crack repaired after.
Edge crack fixed

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